DJ Chris’ chill-out, down-tempo [Tap your Feet Mix] deep penetration and [My Kinda Sound] mix is recognized for his funky, ethnic and electronic influences. His understanding of the rapidly evolving world of DJ-ing combined with his ability to bridge gaps between genres is what made him one of the city’s most sought after deejays. One of his unique specialties are ‘live’ crossover mixes from Tamil to hip-hop and running 6/8 beats over a techno rhythm. His mixes are currently being aired in podcasts San Francisco’s Recently, DJ Chris have been involved in drama productions too. He plays the lead role as a schizophrenic accountant on a show with VASANTHAM. He was also the art director and cast as a gangster who betrays a brother in a short film [CERTAIN CHAPTERS] directed by Abbas Akbar. Apart from spinning his nights away, DJ Chris is the owner of Group of DJs, which conducts workshops and classes for DJs, songwriters, emcees and music production with his rich experience in the music scene.