She does an awesome work covering top hits and classics alike, and has recorded a number of studio-quality demo for IMAGINE music and also singles for competitions (Impresario 2011/飞乐时空 17) as well as charity events(“Departure – Living before Leaving” Exhibition) Besides performing, she also composes in her free time and one of her songs, 现代的爱, got into the finals of 心情溶剂 2006 and was awarded the Most Popular Song.

With 9 solid years of performing experience under her belt, Phoebee is now a highly sought-after performer in the wedding scene and corporate industry. Effectively bilingual and extremely versatile in the genre of music she does, Phoebee currently performs six nights a week at different venues.

There’s nothing extravagantly special about her except that she has the voice of an angel. Not the standard sweet vocals that any average female vocalist would have, but a strong, mellow voice that resonates to the soul and has the ability to conjure emotion in the heart of any listener. And that voice deserves, at the very least, to be heard; it deserves to be flung out to an audience of tens of thousands, as many who have been to her performances would steadfastly agree with.

So we gather you here, with the sole purpose of letting you hear this amazing voice. You may have noticed that I’m having a hard time giving a description that doesn’t reveal my bias, because as you will see (or have already seen), it is hard to stay objective with a voice like Phoebee’s.