A dynamic,energetic four piece, Ruby (vocal/djembe), Jason (guitar/vocal), Jacob (guitar/vocal) and ominic(saxophone/vocal) perform genres from jazz to pop to evergreens, keeping the crowd happy be it at a wedding, corporate function, a party or show. Singapore Char Siew Bao! is a favourite withl ocals and non-locals alike, simply because of the friendly demeanour and their ability to tackle songs in many languages and styles. Adding an acoustic touch to dance numbers and favourite pop hits, they have much experience at numerous events and shows including Esplanade’s Outdoor Theatre, One Moment of Glory roadshows and many, many more. Aiming to spread their love for music through live performance, Singapore Char Siew Bao! hopes to bring more of their acoustic-styled brand of English and Chinese jazz and easy listening hits to listeners of live music in Singapore.

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